Helsinki Cup (EN)

Helsinki Cup 2018

Services: • Technical production • Event production

The Helsinki Cup is the second largest youth football tournament in Europe, held annually in Helsinki, attracting close to 30,000 participants.

Initially serving as the technical producer for the event for several years, MagnumEvents has deepened its collaboration with Helsinki Cup in recent years. In the past years, the partnership has extended to the development and production of the event square, Love The Ball Center, the Doritos festival, the tournament’s opening ceremonies and the final games.

Love The Ball Center serves as the official leisure and activity center for the Helsinki Cup. The aim has been to continuously develop the event square comprehensively, including its program content. The goal was to create a space that caters to all participants of the tournament, including teams and their support staff, families, partners, and other visitors.

The event square holds multiple vendors, activities, games and stage with program throughout the week to entertain the visitors.

The Doritos festival is held in the middle of the tournament at Love the Ball Center bringing together over 1500 players, families, and support staff to enjoy a fun evening with special performers. In 2023 the performers included Yläkerta and Seksikäs suklaa.

The Helsinki Cup opening day included the traditional parade of the teams through Helsinki. In 2018, the opening ceremonies featured the creation of what was almost the world’s largest team photo. In 2024 we’re trying to redeem the title again with the biggest Helsinki Cup to date.